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Most are using a CRM but are having trouble getting time back in their lives because they don't have the right tools or processes to make it work for them.

We developed this process and framework that will help you focus on your core competencies while automating some of the more tedious tasks associated with managing your pipeline.

The Growth Pipeline is a series of resources designed around the HubSpot Ecosystem but can be implemented into virtually any CRM. With downloadable resources on the pipeline design, a blueprint for lead scoring and lead handoff between your teams.

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Pipeline Blueprint

This blueprint is perfect for understanding the processes that drive customers to become evangelists of your business. You'll learn how a prospect becomes an actual customer and what makes them stick around as one!


Lead Scoring Blueprint

The lead scoring blueprint is a framework that provides you with the opportunity to score leads before they are wasted. It takes into account base level demographics and builds upon online activity, giving you insight on their intent as well.


Handoff Blueprint

The handoff blueprint is a framework for understanding your contact's lifecycle stage and when that contact should be handed off from marketing to sales. This also defines the responsibilities of each team during different stages so you can easily develop SOPs to ensure leads are handled properly.